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How do Solar Window films work?

Solar Window films are installed on the interior side of the window, and reduce the amount of solar energy (UV radiation, visible light and infra-red heat) entering the room by increasing the solar reflection and solar absorption of the glass. solar films thus reduce heat gain by up to 80%, block UV radiation by up to 99%, and moderate the amount of visible light and glare entering the room.

How long will the film last?

In general, most solar films are replaced not because they stop working, but because of surface damage. solar's tough scratch resistant coating helps to protect the film from day-to-day wear and tear. However, the life of the film will be extended with careful cleaning, using mild soap and water and a soft cloth.

What savings can be made by using solar window films?

Industry studies and the US Department of Energy models predict a return on investment through energy savings within 3-5 years. It is estimated that every 100 sq. ft. of window film can reduce the air conditioning load of a building by as much as 12,000 BTUs or one ton of heat. Because the issue is really summer heat gain, the most dramatic savings occur in hot climates. However, during the winter, when the temperatures are lower outside than inside the room, solar film can help prevent heat loss by lowering the emissivity of the glass, reducing the absorption of the room heat into the glass, and reflecting the heat back into the room, lowering heating costs.

Can I install the film myself?

Application of an inappropriate window film can create unexpected problems for the end user; therefore  window films are warranted only for professional installation and not available for the do-it-yourself application.

Do  window films cause seal failure when applied to multi-pane windows?

No, the appropriate window films do not cause seal failure.  For example, a highly absorbing film is not recommended for certain types of Low-e glass.  Both your independent installer and  are available to help you select a window film appropriate to your application.

Do window films cause glass breakage?

No, the appropriate window films do not cause glass breakage.  For example, a highly reflective film may not be recommended for application to an untempered highly tinted glass.  Both your independent installer and  are available to help you select a window film appropriate to your application.

Can  window films be installed on skylights?

Yes,  many manufaturers have engineered products specially for application to skylights.

Can  window films save money on my energy bills?

Solar control window films reduce the solar heat gain through your windows thereby reducing the electricity consumption needed to cool the space.

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